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Hair Loss Treatment Oakville

Hair Loss Treatment Oakville

Hair Loss Treatment Oakville services have No False Promises, and only Guaranteed  Results Hair Loss treatments, exclusive to Light Touch Med Spa’s three locations, Mississauga, Oakville and Waterloo.

We have partnered with Rejuvenator + company to bring a revolutionary new hair loss treatment to our clients. This revolutionary treatment uses laser and LED light therapy to reduce your hair loss and promote a healthy head of hair and scalp.

Soft laser hair hair therapy has been around for many years but this new technology combines years of research by combining five types of lasers and LED’s to accelerate the growth of dormant hairs and strengthen existing hair follicles. Many clients have witnessed as much as a 73% increase in hair density.

This FDA cleared technology is offered exclusively through our Light Touch Med Spa. This procedure is known as Soft Laser Therapy (SLT) and will accelerate the growth of dormant hair follicles, minimizing future hair loss while promoting a healthy scalp and thicker existing hair and follicles.

Hair loss laser therapy has been around for many years but typically used only “red” light technology and did not have the strong results that clients have longed for. This new advanced technology combines Red, Yellow, Blue LED technology and Two lasers to give clients the most robust FDA hair loss treatment available in today’s marketplace.

Many of our clients have already begun to see results after their third treatment. Our hair loss treatment Oakville services are also very easy to conduct, and only take 30 mins of your time weekly.

Following our hair loss treatment Oakville services, we also have products such as the Rejuvenator + Shampoo and Condition, and Stimu+ syrum which are enriched with special nutrients to help promote hair growth on the scalp. If you’re looking to pursue hair loss treatments in Oakville, look no further and contact us today for your FREE consultation!

Safe, Effective, hair growth has never been easier.

Call Today to book your free hair loss consult! It’s quick, it’s painless, and it’s effective!