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Scar Removal Mississauga

Scar Removal Mississauga

Many new clients to our Light Touch Med Spa are surprised to learn that there is a permanent treatment which helps to diminish or permanently remove scars and/or burns.

Our Laser Scar Removal Mississauga and skin resurfacing treatments are available at our Mississauga, Oakville and Waterloo location, and will permanently reduce scar tissue from acne, surgery, stretch marks, and burns.
Laser skin resurfacing removes micro particles of skin, forcing your own skin to reproduce new skin to re-heal this area with fresh, pink, healthy skin tissue.

Several treatments may be required to reduce the scar to the point where it is invisible to the naked eye.  Clients will experience 2-3 days downtime directly after the treatment, allowing the scar tissue time to heal and regenerate new tissue.  Our clients at our Mississauga, Waterloo, and Oakville clinic generally choose Thursday or Fridays to have this treatment, allowing the weekend to heal their skin and making it possible to return to work on Mondays.

Treatments are not painful, however clients will experience a warming sensation immediately proceeding treatment. Minor discomfort is short lived and normally within a few hours, any heat sensation has quickly minimized.

Acne scars are easily treated with our laser skin resurfacing treatments, and you will be surprised at the change in your face, as the scars disappear and the new fresh skin replaces the older tired scarred skin.   This is a permanent correction of scar tissue, and once the area is fully healed, the old scartissue will never return.  Additionally if you suffer from regular acne breakouts, this treatment will significantly reduce the occurrence of acne breakouts, as the skin tissue reaches a more healthy, balanced state.

Stretch mark scars, burns and scars after surgery can be successfully minimized or eliminated with laser skin resurfacing treatments.  Our expert staff in our Mississauga, Oakville and Waterloo clinic can explain how these treatments help to restore skin to its former youthful and undamaged state.  Treatments remove damaged micro particles from scar tissue and force your own body to re-heal these areas, leaving permanently corrected, healthy skin tissue.

Call us today to book your free consult to learn more about our Scar Removal Mississauga Services and how we can return your skin to its former days.  We’d be more than pleased to answer any and all of your questions!