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Botox and Cosmetic Fillers



Filling – 3 targeted answers for immediate wrinkle filling

teosyal_puresense_first_linesFirst Lines– for fine wrinkles
Corrects fine lines and superficial wrinkles: sensitive areas such as crows’ feet and the upper lip lines.
teosyal_puresense_global_actionGlobal Action– simplified filling
Fills linear wrinkles, cutaneous depressions, mild or moderate nasogenian folds, as well as perioral and glabella wrinkles. Is recommended for all areas of the face where wrinkles are too pronounced.
teosyal_puresense_deep_linesDeep Lines– in-depth recovery
A highly viscous product recommended for filldeep facial wrinkles, such as nasogenian folds and marionette lines.
teosyal_touch_upTouch Up– top up treatment
Used for top-ups and as a complement to other Teosyal® products.