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Where to Get Laser Vein Treatment

Where to Get Laser Vein Treatment

Where To Get Laser Vein Treatment

Have you noticed the appearance of small veins, blue, purple, or red in colour, on your legs or face, and reside close to the surface of the skin? If so, are you wondering where you can get laser vein treatment that can rid your body of these aesthetically unpleasing, and even painful, veins? Vaughan residents should look to us here at LightTouch Med Spa, as we are well equipped to facilitate quality treatments that can eradicate these veins and make you feel confident in your skin again. To learn more about this procedure, please keep reading below.


There are many different reasons why these veins appear close to the skin; these include but are not limited to hormones, genes, trauma, specific medication use, and prolonged standing. Once developed, these veins remain connected to the deeper venous system but serve no function, and can, therefore, be removed without damage to the body. Men and women alike suffer from disorders of the blood vessels which cause these veins to form. At LightTouch, we have the technology and treatment approach to facilitate safe and effective vein treatments on both superficial, and deep tissue damage.

Spider Vein Treatment

Spider veins, or those superficial veins close to the skin, can be eradicated from the body when our facility utilizes the Harmony Intense Pulsed Light system or IPL for short. This system was designed to eliminate spider veins through the use of pulsed laser light, delivering hundreds of wavelengths in a single charge onto the skin, targeting blood while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. As the laser light penetrates through the outer layer of skin, reaching the dermis at different wavelengths, it deprives the veins of blood, causing them to shrivel up and are then naturally absorbed by the body.

*Results May Vary*

Deeper Vein Treatment

For the treatment of deeper veins that are unsightly or uncomfortable, the Harmony Nd: YAG laser system is utilized. This system eliminates these deep veins by targeting the blood in the skin without damaging the surrounding area. This laser heats the individual larger blood vessels using a controlled pulse of laser energy, causing the blood inside to heat up as well, and forcing it collapse in on itself. Again, the destroyed vessel is naturally and safely reabsorbed by the body’s white blood cells.

Free Consultation

As part of our mission to provide the safest and most effective treatments for our clients, LightTouch Med Spa offers all potential patients a free consultation at our quality facility to discuss the desired treatments, and their results, while answering any questions in the process.

So if you live in the Vaughan area and are wondering where to get laser vein treatment that can eradicate your spider veins or those vessels protruding from a deeper level, then LightTouch can help. To book your no-cost, no-commitment consultation, all you have to do is click here to find our contact information online and give us a call at our Markham location today!

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