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aloe gel


One of the wonders of nature comes to life in Medique Aloe Gel. It is a fragrance free, soothing and moisturizing gel that combines Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Witch Hazel and Ginseng. It can accelerate the healing of a variety of superficial skin injuries including cuts, abrasions, insect bites, burns and sunburns.

In the Medical/Esthetic setting Aloe Gel is a soothing and healing gel to apply post X-Fol, electrolysis, waxing and extractions. Medical uses include post exfoliative treatments, post laser hair removal, post laser telangiectasia therapy and post microdermabrasion.

Available in a 240 mL bottle.


  • Contains Aloe Vera Extract PLUS Allatoin, Witch Hazel, and Ginseng
  • Soothing and moisturizing
  • No artificial green color
  • Fragrance free


  • Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and reduces pain
  • Allantoin stimulates growth of healthy tissue
  • Witch Hazel reduces exudate
  • Ginseng soothes and reduces irritation

Effective Uses

  • Post waxing or electrolysis
  • Post comedone extractions
  • Post laser hair removal or post laser telangiectasia treatment
  • Post microdermabrasion
  • Reduces shaving irritation
  • Reduces pain, inflammation and accelerates healing of superficial skin injuries i.e. cuts, bruises, insect bites, burns and sunburns
  • Included in X-Fol Rejuvenating Exfoliative Treatment


  • Apply liberally to skin as needed. Avoid eye zone area.
  • Close cap after use. Refrigeration is recommended.