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Body Slimming


Toning, Tightening & Firming (without exercise) using Accent Body Contouring

Sound Impossible?
Not any more thanks to ‘Accent Your Body Dual-Layer Thermotherapy’.

Wouldn’t we all like to turn back time to reverse the damaging effects of aging on our faces and bodies? Sure we would but until ‘Accent Your Body’ came along, finding this fountain of youth had been costly and confusing to say the least.

At Light Touch Laser Clinic we use the advanced radio frequency (referred to as RF) of the ‘Accent Your Body’ by Alma to visibly tighten skin and deliver noticeable results faster than we have witnessed with other contouring or tightening technologies on the market. This non-invasive, comfortable treatment increases your own healthy collagen production to create longer lasting tightening and contouring on your face or body than we have seen with other machines on the market used for tightening.

What to Expect During ‘Accent Your Body’ Treatments

The ‘Accent Your Body’ patented Dual-layer RF Thermotherapy technology builds new collagen to improve skin’s surface texture, firmness and elasticity. Treatments are quick and pain-free, therefore do not require anesthesia or recovery time. Patients experience slight heat in the area being treated but nothing uncomfortable.

During the procedure, our trained medical aesthetician will use the Accent system to heat the skin’s inner layer (dermis). Depending on the size of the area you are having treated, typically your appointment will take 30 to 45 minutes. The advanced radio frequency of the Accent causes the deep structures of skin to tighten immediately delivering visible results. While even one or two treatments will produce good results right away, in time with repeated treatments new collagen will develop, further tightening skin therefore delivering even firmer skin results. We have found that generally, no more than three to five treatments spaced two weeks apart are required for optimal client satisfaction.

Following your Accent treatment, you will immediately be able to resume all activities with no downtime. Patients may experience slight redness but that disappears in less than 24 hours.

What Areas Can Be Treated with the ‘Accent Your Body’?

‘Accent Your Body’ treatments are most effective on areas with loose, wrinkly, crepe-like skin anywhere on the body, including face. We see tremendous results especially with tightening facial jowls, firming loose turkey neck and shrinking wobbly bits under arms where skin is hanging. We have also witnessed outstanding results when melting stubborn fat on abdomens, inner and outer thighs and hips.

Is ‘Accent Your Body’ safe?

The ‘Accent Your Body’ incorporates a multitude of fail-safe safety precautions to deliver advanced radio frequency (RF) energy to precisely to the areas of your skin that you wish to tighten and firm. Since receiving FDA approval in 2007, thousands of patients worldwide have been treated safely using the Accent system.

How Does the ‘Accent Your Body’ Differ From Other Body Contouring Treatments on the Market?

In today’s day and age of medical aesthetic technology it is tough to know what machines work best to solve your issue. Every new product is ‘new’, ‘improved’ or ‘better than ever’ but sometimes the marketing of these treatments can be better than the results so how do we choose what to try?

We have always looked to real and measurable scientific evidence when choosing our machines for  our clients’ treatments. That is what led us to offer the ‘Accent Your Body” machine from Alma.

The Accent system is the only system available that uses two different types of radio frequency, Unipolar and Bipolar, in one machine. Simply put, this unique quality allows controlled and precise tissue heating of two different depths of tissue at the same time. This is referred to as a ‘dual-layer treatment’.

The advantages to this ‘dual-layer treatment’ make all of the difference! While the Bipolar module focuses solely on the surface layer of the skin, the Unipolar module penetrates much deeper for deep dermal Thermotherapy. The Bipolar treatment works best in areas where the skin is thin and delicate, such as on faces to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and firm turkey necks. The Unipolar treatment generates heating in the deeper tissues leading to improvements in overall shaping and firmness.

Using Bipolar and Unipolar technologies in conjunction, ‘Accent Your Body’ produces dramatic tightening and contouring to your face of body without invasive surgeries.

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