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What You Need To Know About BotoxⓇ Treatments At Our Orlando Facilities

Since 2002 when BotoxⓇ received full FDA approval, this cosmetic injectable quickly grew to become one of the most sought-after treatments on the market to date. In 2014, nearly seven million people received BotoxⓇ injections in the United States alone. This treatment has garnered global acclaim as it provides a safe and effective way to achieve an array of cosmetic goals, including younger looking and feeling skin.

At LightTouch Med Spa, we have been administering professional BotoxⓇ injections since we first opened, over 15 years ago. Those looking to obtain safe and professional treatments should consider visiting one of our Orlando clinics, as we can help you attain the aesthetic you have always wanted.


What Is BotoxⓇ Made Of?

Botox®, or OnabotulinumtoxinA, is an injection made up of a purified protein that is primarily used to paralyze muscles responsible for the creation of fine lines and wrinkles. For full Botox® product information please click here.


What Can BotoxⓇ Treat?

Many people turn to BotoxⓇ injections to slow down the effects of ageing, and temporarily stop the development of fine lines and wrinkles on the face. The most common injections sites include the forehead, frown lines between the eyebrows, laugh lines around the mouth, and crow’s feet around the eyes.

BotoxⓇ can also be used to treat people with Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), with injections being placed at the underarms and palms of hands. This treatment can also help people who suffer from chronic migraines, and Blepharospasm (an eyelid spasm condition).

*Results may vary from pictures as shown above*


What To Expect Before Treatment?

Our highly qualified nurses will sit down with you before your treatment to create the best approach to address your beauty goals, and discuss the risks associated with this treatment, answering any questions you may have in the process. Our nurses can help you determine if these injections are right for you, taking into account your health background and desired cosmetic results.


What Do BotoxⓇ Treatments Entail?

Before our certified nurses administer injections, they will evaluate your facial muscle movement patterns and make a note of the ones that have produced moderate to severe facial lines on your personalized facial chart. The location, size, and action of these muscles that cause ‘dynamic lines’ to form will vary from client to client. A complimentary skin analysis will also take place. It is at this time that the amount of Botox® will be decided, taking into account the condition of your skin, your age, skin type, and overall desired results.

Once this analysis has taken place, our nurses will prepare the injection site by cleansing the skin and applying a numbing agent to reduce any discomfort from the treatment. The appropriate dose amount of BotoxⓇ will then be injected into the prepared site, using cannula needles as they offer the best form of application, straight into the designated muscles. Our nurse will smooth out the BotoxⓇ once injected below the dermis, ensuring correct placement, allowing the substance to take effect by stopping further development of dynamic lines and smoothing away wrinkles in the process.


What Are The Possible Side Effects Of This Injection?

With the completion of the treatment, clients may experience slight tenderness, temporary redness, and possible swelling at the injection site. In rare cases, slight bruising does occur. These symptoms are almost always mild, and applying an ice pack can help to relieve any discomfort felt at this time.

Blurred vision and decreased eyesight, drooping eyelids, swelling of the eyes, dry mouth, discomfort or pain at the site of injection, fatigue, headache, and neck pain are all possible side effects of receiving BotoxⓇ injections.


What To Expect From Results?

Once the treatment is completed, our nurse can schedule a complimentary follow-up appointment to make sure you are satisfied with the treatment and its results. On average, the results of BotoxⓇ injections last between 3 to 4 months, depending upon the patient. As these treatments are not permanent, you will need to return to LightTouch to receive further treatments.


Who Should Not Undergo This Treatment?

Those who have an allergy to Onabotulinum toxin A, bleeding problems, incontinence, symptoms of a urinary tract infection, weakness of forehead muscles, nerve or muscle disorders, have undergone surgery or plan to have surgery, have already received other botulinum toxin products, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, should NOT receive BotoxⓇ injections.

This product is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, it is essential to fill out our health history and consent form and discuss any health conditions, medications, or treatments, with our nurse before receiving these injections.


What Are Our Qualifications?

All of our members of staff are certified cosmetic nurses, with the necessary training to provide professional and safe injections, including BotoxⓇ injections. With many years of experience under our belt, our med spa is well equipped to provide treatments that offer the safest application, with the most effective results for our patients.


Why Choose LightTouch?

Our number one concern at LightTouch Med Spa is the safety of our clients, that’s why we extend a free consultation to all potential patients, so they can speak to our nurses one-on-one to discuss the treatment approach, possible side effects, and other important factors pertaining to our BotoxⓇ injections.

Book your no-cost, no-commitment meeting at one of our two Orlando locations to discuss our professional BotoxⓇ treatments. Please click here to find our contact information online and get the process underway today.


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