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Can I get laser tattoo removal while breastfeeding?

Can I get laser tattoo removal while breastfeeding?

Can I get laser tattoo removal while breastfeeding?

So you have just undergone a successful pregnancy and birth, and now you are a new mom, LightTouch Med Spa congratulates you and your family! We understand that this was no small task and that your body has been through changes physically, emotionally, and mentally. Has becoming a mother made you think about your health and physical appearance? Do you have certain tattoos that you got when you were an adolescent and now that you are a mom, you want to have them removed in the safest way possible? Laser tattoo removal could be a great option for you, but is it a good option if you are still breastfeeding your child? If this is a question you have been asking yourself, then you have come to the right place for answers. In this article by LightTouch Med Spa, we share some information about laser tattoo removal while breastfeeding.

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What happens with ink absorption?

The laser tattoo removal process involves the breaking down of ink particles that are then absorbed and disposed of by the body’s lymphatic system. At this time there is no definitive research to prove that treated ink particles do or do not cross the fetal placental barrier. This could mean the absorption of ink is completely harmless for both mother and baby, however, it is impossible to be sure. For this reason, treatments will be recommended to be paused or put on hold during breastfeeding as well.

What about photosensitivity?

During pregnancy, it is common for the body to become far more sensitive to light. With how concentrated and strong the laser light is for tattoo removal, there could be unforeseen reactions that occur on the skin or within the body. The risk of scarring and hypopigmentation is high on photosensitive skin. As a key risk for all pregnant women, photosensitivity is not a risk that our nurse practitioners at LightTouch Med Spa are willing to make.

What about infections?

The risk of infections as a result of laser tattoo removal is very low. Laser tattoo removal treatment is very safe and is actually FDA-approved. However, not all skin reacts to the laser in the same way. For those who are sensitive to the laser light, there is a chance the skin could blister or crack after treatment. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, your body will require a lot of energy, if you are concerned about infections, we don’t want you to waste any of your energy on fighting them.

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