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Father’s Day Laser Hair Removal Specials Markham

Father’s Day Specials

It’s All About Him!

Up to 30% OFF

Laser Hair Removal Packages

Sale ends June 16th, 2019

Cannot be combined with other offers. Free treatments must be lesser or equal value. All specials are subject to change and applicable taxes. Please contact us for full details.

Back of Neck (8 Treatments)

Laser Hair Removal

Fingers (8 Treatments)

Laser Hair Removal

Shoulders (8 treatments)

Laser Hair Removal

Back (8 treatments)

Laser Hair Removal

Full Body (8 treatments)

Laser Hair Removal


What makes the Soprano different from other laser hair removal systems?
The biggest difference is the Soprano’s unique IN-Motion™ technology. But what does that mean for the customer you ask? Rather than conventional laser machines that utilize a painful ‘stamping’ technique to deliver the energy to the hair, the Soprano delivers the energy in a constant moving ‘sweeping’ motion of the laser tip, resulting in gentle, comfortable heating of the skin. The Soprano also has the added advantage of a patented DualChill™ mechanism to ensure the patient’s skin stays cool and comfortable during treatments.

Who should get laser hair removal?
We feel everyone that has unwanted hair should!

Imagine freeing yourself from time-consuming shaving or expensive waxing. The Soprano laser reduces hair on all skin types, hair types and most hair colours. The most popular areas to treat are legs, arms, bikini lines, backs, underarms, faces or necks. We have effectively reduced hair even on tanned skin, which in the past had been impossible until the Soprano.

What you can expect?
As soon as after your first laser hair removal treatment you should see a reduction in hair in the area treated. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by Soprano Lasers, therefore know the settings and approach to deliver optimal results in a short time. With the Soprano Laser, compared to other lasers offered in our Canadian marketplace, you can expect faster treatment times and a better coverage of the hair removal.

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