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Fillers Waterloo

Fillers Waterloo

Fillers Waterloo Services

Filler injections are performed regularly in our three clinics, Mississauga, Oakville and Waterloo by our registered nurse.

We’ve highlighted a few areas where fillers are most commonly used:


Lips are commonly filled with filler product, and you no longer have to look like a “duck” to achieve a plump, smooth lip line, which will have everyone impressed at how great you look. Fillers in the lip area will typically last less time than other areas of the face, although today’s, new fillers, such as Ravensse will last 6-8 months with average day to day living. Bruising in this area is minimal with the expertise of our nurse, and little discomfort is experienced during treatment with the usage of numbing agents both, before during and after treatment. In fact, you’ll barely know you’re having it done!


Cheeks are another common area to treat with filler product, and this area requires normally 1/2 a vial to a full vial of filler on each cheek. Volume of filler required will vary by client, but our nurse will spend time with you and assess your skin and discuss various treatment options available to you. Some of our younger clients also take advantage of filler treatments and have additional volume in this area, to give them that “model” look. This treatment is no longer for just the older generation. The cheek area once treated may last upwards of 1 to 1.5 years, so this treatment is a win/win for your budget and you will definitely be impressed by the instant visible results of our Fillers in Waterloo.

Nasal Folds

Those strong creases on either side of your face, truly benefit from filler, and will immediately have you looking younger and happier than ever before. Bruising in this area is minimal and this area is quickly transformed immediately after treatment. On average, 1/2 to a full vial of filler is required on each side of the face and this procedure is well tolerated by all. The nasal fold area similar to the cheek area will hold the filler on average 1-1.5 years, so again is a popular treatment for those who are budget conscious. Treatment of this area will also help to rejuvenate facial features and will reveal, a younger more beautiful/handsome you. Both men and women enjoy the results of this filler and its transformation of their face.

Eye Area

This is an area less treated with filler, and more commonly treated with laser, however our nurse will assess your face and provide some great treatment options for you.

Ask our staff to book you in for a consult and/or treatment for our Fillers Waterloo Services. Consults are typically 30 minutes on average and treatment time is generally 30-45 minutes.

We would be happy to book an appointment with our nurse with you to review and develop a course of treatment that’s perfect for you!

Our nurse is overseen by our Medical Doctor and Director.