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Get PRP treatment at our Mississauga Medical Spa!

Get PRP treatment at our Mississauga Medical Spa!

LightTouch Med Spa Offers PRP Treatments in the Mississauga Area

Harness your body’s healing properties with this innovative new approach to tissue and hair regrowth. Vampire treatments, more commonly known as PRP, have been gaining traction in the medical spa industry for their versatile healing properties that can aid in the treatment of an array of skin conditions, ailments, and receding hairlines. LightTouch Med Spa offers the Mississauga area safe and professional PRP treatments at our local facility.

Platelet-Rich Plasma

As the popularity of PRP therapies continues to grow across Canada many are wondering, what exactly does this acronym stand for? PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is the concentrated substance of a patient’s own matter harnessed to create healing effects in the body. It is thanks to this platelet and plasma that PRP treatments can aid in hair regrowth and stimulate tissue repair.

Platelets are a component of your blood which are fundamentally responsible for blood clotting and wound healing, playing a critical role in tissue repair and regeneration. Plasma is also a component of our blood, containing proteins and growth factors that aid in the body’s healing and rejuvenating process.

When you visit us at our Mississauga facility, a LightTouch Med Spa trained professional will take a sample of your blood. This blood will need to become highly concentrated to produce the required level of platelets and plasma needed for the treatment.

It is because of the rejuvenating properties of both platelet and plasma, that allows for the versatility in PRP treatments, as it stimulates healing in all things. As the PRP is derived from the patient’s blood, there are no other foreign bodies or medicines included in the injections, making it a safe alternative to other therapies.

Centrifugal Force

To obtain this concentrated substance known as platelet-rich plasma, one of our highly trained and certified members of staff at LightTouch Med Spa will draw a sample of the patient’s blood.

Depending on the required area of treatment, the amount of blood drawn will differ. A larger sample size will be needed for the administration to larger problem areas, while a modest amount would be necessary for smaller application areas.

The required sample size is placed in a blood collection tube, mixed with anticoagulant dextrose, or ACD, solution. This sterile, non-pyrogenic solution is used as an anticoagulant, working to preserve the blood as it undergoes the concentration process.

This mixture of blood and solution is placed in a machine called the centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that essentially separates fluids of different densities by rapidly rotating, eliciting a centrifugal force to its contents, and concentrating the patient’s blood into a platelet-rich plasma, all in twenty minutes.

The Treatment

Once taken out of the centrifuge, this concentrated substance of protein heavy and tissue healing PRP is ready for administration. At this time, the growth factors and concentrated proteins within the PRP have enlarged five to ten times more than that of normal blood.

Depending on the treatment area, there is little downtime when it comes to PRP treatments facilitated by LightTouch Med Spa at our Mississauga office. If you are planning to inject sensitive regions such as the face or scalp, we do advise the use of a numbing agent before treatment to keep as comfortable as possible.

Individuals will see the best results of PRP after three treatments when used for skin care. Those seeking PRP for hair regrowth will see a thickening of their hair within a two to three month period.

Overall this treatment is approved by the FDA and Health Canada, making it a safe way to stimulate hair regrowth and treat a wide variety of skin conditions through the PRP’s healing properties.

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To find out if PRP treatments are right for you, LightTouch Med Spa offers free consultations to all of our prospective Mississauga patients. You will be able to dispell any fears you may have regarding this treatment, learn about other options, and schedule your appointment once you have decided PRP is the way to go.

Contact us online to schedule your free consultation today, and find out if our amazing PRP treatments are right for you!


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