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Hair Extensions Mississauga

Hair Extensions in Mississauga

If you do not want to wait for your hair to grow out in order to get a longer luscious look, you should consider hair extensions in Mississauga to help you achieve your desired look. Contacting the professionals at Light Touch Med Spa will be your first step in your journey to get that beautiful head of hair you have been dreaming of. The professionals here can also help guide you in the right direction when you are choosing your hair extensions. Below you will find some tips that you can follow to find the right extensions that give you the shine and luster that you have been missing.

Best type of hair for extensions

If you are looking for hair extensions in Mississauga, you should consider a consultation with the professionals at Light Touch Med Spa. They can recommend if natural hair extensions or artificial hair extensions will work better for your hair type. You can ask about which hair extensions will last longer so you can get more bang for your buck, but also be mindful of the care and maintenance your hair extensions will need. Things like can you blow dry them, can you use a curler with them, and what shampoos and conditioners you can use with them will need to be discussed. Knowing what you want combined with your professional’s experience and expertise will make your hair extensions look natural and blended perfectly.

How will your extensions be applied to your head?

Your extensions will be applied to your head with the purpose of looking as natural as possible. They will be attached close to your roots and not your hairline so your extensions will blend in nicely with your hair. Extensions must also be applied in the same direction that your hair naturally flows. Your natural hair should also be protected so you can ask your professional about the process of application.

Match the color of your natural hair

Choosing the wrong color for your hair extensions is a common mistake. Light Touch Med Spa will have a wide variety of colors that you can choose from too closely match your hair color. Using extensions can give you a blended look of lowlights and highlights without having to use harmful chemicals and dyes to achieve the same look, and that can damage your natural hair.

Ask about proper care for your extensions

The higher quality your extensions are the less maintenance and upkeep they will require. Also, the higher quality they are the more care will resemble that of how you care for your own hair. Make sure you regularly brush your extensions and put them up at night when you sleep to avoid tangling, matting and the chance of rolling on them and ripping them out. Your extensions will stay beautiful and vibrant if you put the time in to care for them properly.