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Hair Extensions Oakville

Hair extensions in Oakville

Waiting for your natural hair to grow out for that style that you want can take months, and by that time you will probably want a completely different style. The next time you are attending an event in Oakville and you want to change your hair for it, consider getting hair extensions put it to help you achieve your desired look. Schedule a consultation with the professionals at Light Touch Med Spa so you can learn about different products and methods to change your immediate style. We have included some tips for you that you can follow to find the best hair extensions that work well for you and give your hair a beautiful shine.

Best type of hair for extensions

If you are in the Oakville area and you are considering having hair extensions put in, consider having a consultation with the professionals at Light Touch Med Spa about synthetic or natural hair extensions. There are many questions you should ask about your hair extension experience. You will want to know which type of hair extensions will last the longest and be best with your hair. Also, you will want to know how to care for your extensions and if you can use a blow dryer, hair curler or any cleaning products. However, the first question you should ask is what are the extensions that will give you the most overall satisfaction.

How will your extensions be applied

You want your hair extensions to look as natural as possible. This is why your professional will install your extensions on your head, but not close to your hairline. Doing this will allow your extensions to blend in more naturally with your hair. They also must be installed in the same direction that your hair naturally flows to look most discrete. Also, when applying your hair extensions, your natural hair should not be affected, so make sure to ask your professional about the process they will take for application.

Match your extensions with your hair color

Choosing the wrong color for your hair extensions is a common mistake that some people make that are uneducated. Light Touch Med Spa offers a wide variety of colors you can choose from too closely match your hair color. Our professionals can also assist you and recommend different color tones that would look beautiful on your hair. You can get the look of highlights or lowlights without risking the damage on your hair that chemicals can do while trying to achieve the same look.

Ask about different care methods

The higher quality hair extensions that you purchase, the lower maintenance is required, and the maintenance that is required would not be very different than your natural hair. Make sure you brush your extensions regularly, and get into the habit of putting up your hair when you sleep. You can also ask a professional to recommend some high-quality cleaning solutions for your hair extensions. Hair extensions are a safe way to gain some more length, volume, or dimension to your hair; whatever look you are going for, you can achieve with hair extensions.

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