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Hair Loss Waterloo

Hair Loss Waterloo

Hair loss can be an embarrassment to many but we’ve got the solution for you at our Waterloo Clinic.
After much research we’ve uncovered a new technology which not only grows hair but takes it thicker and shinier too.  The newest Laser to be introduced into the waterloo area with amazing hair restoration capabilities complete with FDA approval.

This newest hair growth technology is really 5 technologies in one. Older hair growth technologies had just one type of laser and this was normally an LED device.  The older generation solutions required daily treatments and we’re not terribly successful.   Not so, with our laser hair growth technology.  The Regeneration laser hair growth system has five  distinct lasers that work together to grow hair, stimulates circulation and kills the harmful bacteria often associated with hair loss.

Once a week you’ll receive a 30 minute treatment and we’ll monitor your progress closely with our microscopic pictures of your hair and scalp.   Every two months updated pictures are taken to record the success of your program.
This hair growth system will grow your hair in as little as 2 months with our 6 month treatment program.  Already clients in the waterloo area are taking advantage of this laser hair growth program and we have great before and after pictures and results to share with you.
We guarantee you will be thrilled with the results and offer a money back guarantee to ensure you’ll be confidant in this program.
Waterloo residents will be excited to learn of this latest innovation in hair growth solutions
Call today to come into our waterloo clinic for a free consult to learn more about this amazing hair growth technology and get started right away in becoming a new you