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Laser Hair Removal, hair free, pain free … Introducing Soprano XL … Contact LightTouch Laser Clinic to book an appointment!
Introducing Soprano XL

LightTouch Laser Clinic introduces Soprano XL, as seen on the WBZ News, a revolutionary diode laser system for permanent hair reduction and dermal heating. It is the world’s first laser hair removal system that is virtually painless. Have Questions?

There are several very good
reasons to make LightTouch your treatment destination. Here are just a

  • Comfort – Most lasers in use today are older technology. Because they attack the hair
    and the root simultaneously they are uncomfortable and often painful. Our lasers use the newer, much less painful
    process where concentrated laser pulses are omitted while the laser head is
    sweeping across the area. This allows the hair root insulated in the derma
    to gradually collect heat while the skin is allowed to cool.
  • More Effectiveon all skin and hair types!.
    This is because with advanced laser technology the hair root gradually collects heat,
    while the skin is allowed to cool. More killing heat is able to be transfered to the
    root than with traditional lasers because the skin is not stressed.
  • Safety – The fact that our lasers allow the skin to cool minimizes heat damage.
    This is extremely important since skin damage is often visible and irreversible.
  • Experience and Expertise
    – On top of delivering treatments to patients our clinics also regularly provide training for laser
    technicians, nurses and doctors. We train these professionals in effective and safe laser treatment
    techniques. When selecting your treatment facility, proper knowledge and experience are essential since
    any laser improperly used can cause poor results and real damage.
  • No Contract / Low Cost Options – Although we have package rates and lifetime guarantee
    options we also offer pay-as-you-go services and time of day discount options to
    help you achieve your goals based on your situation.