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How Long Do DysportⓇ Injections Last?

How Long Do DysportⓇ Injections Last?

How Long Do DysportⓇ Injections Last?

Minimize your frown lines, not your expressions when you receive DysportⓇ injections by our trained members of staff here at LightTouch Med Spa. 97% of DysportⓇ users say they would use it again. So with such a high success rate, what makes these injectables so popular and how long do the effects last? This article by LightTouch will discuss the effects of this filler and how Orlando residents can obtain safe and effective injectables at our world-class facility.

Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are most well known for smoothing away facial wrinkles that come about as a result of the ageing process, as well as environmental factors. They can restore facial volume while offering a more youthful appearance for those who receive them.

DysportⓇ injections use botulinum toxin A, much like other fillers on the market, but in smaller amounts, causing less paralysis to the administered sections, resulting in smoother skin without the frozen appearance. They reduce the muscle activity between the eyebrows to lessen frown lines while still affording you the use of your facial expressions.

DysportⓇ injections are FDA-approved, used in 69 countries around the world, and are backed by 25 years of clinical experience in the field.

Length of Results

The majority of cases have seen improvements in their frown lines just two to three days after receiving injections. The application is quick and efficient, meaning a 10 to 20-minute appointment could see you reaping the benefits for months to come. DysportⓇ can decrease frown lines without the frozen look, offering smoother, younger looking skin clinically demonstrated up to 4 months at a time.

As a non-surgical, zero downtime and safer and more effective treatment compared to other cosmetic surgeries on the market, DysportⓇ injections are a great way to look and feel refreshed without the adverse side effects. These innovative injectables aren’t just for women anymore, as men’s use of treatments has grown four times from 2000 to 2014.

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Don’t let your look control you, instead take control of your look with the use of DysportⓇ injections! Orlando residents interested in obtaining professional and safe fillers should consider visiting us at LightTouch Med Spa.

Contact us online to get started today, and come visit our local facility at 163 East Morse Blvd, Suite 105, Winter Park, Florida.

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