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Keloid Scar Treatments

Treating Your Keloid Scar


What To Expect Before Your Treatment

Before you decide to move forward with keloid scar treatments, we highly recommend booking a complimentary consultation with one of our highly trained Medical Aestheticians. An important consideration to make is to better understand what originally caused the keloid scar. Keloid scars are scars comprised of active skin cells that are still reproducing. The technology and treatment recommendation, will depend on the severity of your scarring.

Depending on the cause and depth of your keloid scar, it may or may not be treatable. For instance, if you have a keloid scar that is a result of a surgery, this is normally treatable. We have a high success rate for treating surgical scars. If your keloid scar is still actively producing new cells, then a laser, a Yag 1064 (Vein laser) is typically used first to assist in clearing up dried blood beneath the dermis and removing the pink discoloration associated with scars. This treatment reduces pigment discoloration and normally deflates any inflammation. As a secondary treatment, we will use a Pixel™ laser resurfacing treatment to eliminate hyperpigmentation and resurface the area to improve texture and begin the process of rebuilding cells in this area.

With that said, some individuals have come to us with keloid scars resulting from body piercings, and depending on the area of the piercing and the depth of the scar tissue, we may not be able to treat this type of scar successfully. For those that we cannot successfully treat, we recommend clicking here to find a list of home remedies that may be beneficial in reducing the appearance of your scar.

During a consultation, our Medical Aesthetician will offer you a skin analysis to determine the most appropriate course of action for you.


During Your Keloid Scar Treatment

During a laser keloid scar treatment, you must wear protective eyewear at all times.

The vein laser, has minimal downtime, and next to no discomfort for the patient. It easily cleans out and pink discoloration, normally immediately or within 48 hrs.

Our Pixel laser, or secondary treatment, causes minimal discomfort, as the laser creates tiny puncture wounds in the skin in order to stimulate collagen and even out the complexion and foundation of the skin. Pixel™ treatments take approximately 30 minutes to perform. During this 30 minute period, the laser resurfaces the skin, thereby removing any damaged skin cells using a fractional non-ablative method.


After Your Treatment

After a keloid scar treatment you can expect some down time, depending on the area you’ve had treated. We highly recommend refraining from washing the treated area for a minimum of 48 hours. Refrain from putting water on the treated area as well. Avoid subjecting the treated area to sunlight after treatment. A small matrix mark will appear on the skin, as the body replaces micro particles of skin and repairs the scar tissue. Total healing time for each laser will vary depending on the depth of the damage and size of the overall scar tissue. Depending on the severity of your keloid scars, multiple treatments may be required for best results.




Are Pixel™, LP YAG & safe?

All procedures offered at LightTouch Med Spa™ are FDA and Health Canada approved.


How do I know which treatment is right for me?

We highly recommend booking a complimentary consultation with a medical aesthetician or cosmetic nurse injector in order to provide you with a free skin analysis. Once our team of professionals has had an opportunity to assess your skin, they can determine which treatment is most appropriate for you based on your skin type and level of skin health.

Are Pixel™ treatments painful?

This answer to this question will vary from person to person. Most people describe experiencing minor discomfort, but that the treatments are very tolerable. For those with particularly sensitive skin, we offer numbing agents to reduce discomfort. Ask your medical aesthetician or cosmetic nurse injector for more information on the numbing agents available to you.

Will I see results right away?

This will vary from person to person. Most often, keloid scars require multiple treatments.


Can I have my treatment on the same day as my initial consultation?

Yes! We would be happy to have you in for a consultation and treatment during the same day. We ask that you keep this in mind when booking your initial consultation. If you think you may want to move forward with treatments immediately, please schedule enough time for both appointments (30 minutes for your consultation and 30 minutes for your treatment).


How much do Keloid Scar treatments cost?

The cost of your keloid scar treatment will vary depending on which treatment method you choose, along with the number of treatments needed and the size and depth of your scars. Book a consultation for a free skin analysis to determine the cost of your treatment by clicking here.


Are there contraindications for Pixel™ treatments?

Yes, contraindications for Pixel™ treatments are as follows:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Recent sun exposure or sun burn
  • Melanoma or any other type of cancer
  • Malignant or premalignant pigmented lesions
  • Photosensitive medications
  • Pacemaker or internal defibrillator
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes
  • History of seizures


Are there risks associated with Pixel™ treatments?

Side effects are extremely rare.

Risks for Pixel™ scar treatments include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Hyper or hypopigmentation
  • Additional scarring (rare)
  • Infection (rare)


Why LightTouch Med Spa™?

It is important to work with a highly trained Medical Aesthetician when considering advanced skincare treatments, and all of our Medical Aestheticians undergo extensive training and continuing education. Transparency is something that we offer at LightTouch Med Spa™. We understand that you are putting trust in us, and that is why we offer the utmost care when treating you. During a consultation, we encourage you to ask our Medical Aestheticians all the questions that you need to in order to gain a firm understanding of the treatment you are about to receive. We also provide before and aftercare forms that should be read upon arrival and receiving treatments. We here are for you before, during, and after your treatment. We encourage follow-up visits to ensure your satisfaction.


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