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Laser Hair Removal Orlando

Looking for Pain-Less Hair Removal? Check out the Soprano™ at LightTouch Med Spa™


Looking for that effective and pain-free solution to laser hair removal? Look no further! LightTouch Med Spa™ has made its way to Orlando and we are here to help you achieve your skincare and hair goals! Our state of the art technology will have you feeling confident in your own skin.



Our Technology

We use technology that produces the most effective, painless, and cosmetically enhancing results. The Soprano ICE™ by Alma Lasers is the gold standard of laser hair removal, and we are proud to offer it at our Orlando locations. It uses multiple wavelengths to treat a wide variety of clients of all different ethnicities, skin types, and hair colours. Using Alexandrite crystal technology combined with a diode laser, the Soprano ICE™ offers cutting edge hair removal in only 6-8 eight treatments.



Aftercare is important to our team at LightTouch Med Spa™. We know that in Orlando, it can be difficult to stay out of the sun. With that said, we highly recommend keeping the treated area out of direct sunlight before and after your treatment. The skin is highly sensitive to sunlight after any laser treatments, so it is important to comply with this guideline to see best results.


Treatment Protocol

Keeping up with your treatments is also highly important! Most clients see best results in eight treatments. We highly recommend booking in for your laser hair removal treatment once every four weeks. Receiving treatments in monthly intervals allows for a full hair growth cycle in between each treatment. We understand that eight treatments may seem like a big commitment, but trust us when we say that committing to the full treatment protocol will offer you the best results. Waiting too long in between treatments will extend the length of time you will be waiting to see results.


Who are laser hair removal treatments for?

If you have unwanted hair, Soprano ICE™ laser hair removal treatments are worth considering! This treatment is effective for individuals of all genders and ethnic backgrounds, as well as those aged sixteen (with parental consent) to 65+. Laser hair removal treatments are for people who are tired of painful waxing, sugaring, or shaving, and using creams that temporarily remove hair. Book in for a free consultation by clicking here to learn if you are a candidate for laser hair removal treatments.


Book a consultation

We highly recommend booking in at either of our Orlando clinics to discuss laser hair removal with one of our medical aestheticians. They are trained professionals who can give you a better understanding of what you can expect during and after your treatments based on your unique skin type and hair colour.


Call our toll-free line at: 1-888-954-2667 today to reserve your spot at LightTouch Med Spa™.