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Laser Hair Removal Waterloo

Laser Hair Removal Waterloo

Considering Laser Hair Removal? Waterloo Has A State-of-the-Art Clinic. Tired of wasting time and money on waxing, shaving, tweezing, threading and hair removal creams? What’s a better solution for long-lasting, smooth, silky skin? Laser hair removal is a permanent alternative that is fast, safe and painless. The important thing to keep in mind, though, is that the procedure must be done by a trained professional with the right tools and experience in handling all types of skin and hair. Light Touch Laser Clinic is a reputable name in the industry and our third location for laser hair removal in Waterloo is now open.

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laser hair removal waterloo

Laser Hair Removal in Waterloo – The Preferred Option

Laser hair treatments are preferred by many over traditional methods like waxing, shaving and tweezing because the effect of laser is long-lasting and saves you hours in your daily grooming regime. Also lasers prevent in-grown hair almost 90 percent of the time, leaving the skin feeling smooth and shiny. Lasers also reduce the risk of the skin becoming itchy and irritated, which generally occurs with other methods such as shaving and waxing. There is also a risk of discoloration and scarring, which does not happen with laser hair removal.


How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Rather than pulling out hair from the roots or shaving it off, lasers treat the hair follicle by sending a concentrated beam of light, one hair at a time. The light is absorbed by the pigment which prevents further growth for a period of time. Laser hair removal is non-invasive and for the most part safe, but you need to make sure you are choosing the right practitioner for the job. Unqualified practitioners have been known to cause serious skin damage. Also, it is wiser to go to a specialized laser hair removal clinic rather than random beauty salons that offer laser treatments, perhaps at a discount! The brand and efficiency of the lasers, the expertise of the practitioner are all important factors that will determine the safety and effectiveness your laser hair removal treatment in Waterloo.

laser hair removalLaser Hair Removal in Waterloo—Take Advantage Of This Advanced Technique

Laser hair removal requires about 4-6 sessions spaced between 4 weeks to see an 80 percent reduction in hair growth. Your practitioner might recommend that you get a maintenance treatment done once a year for a couple of years to see permanent results. Some common symptoms following the treatment involve skin irritation such as redness, swelling and mild pain. The only risk that arises is Light Touch Laser Clinic – Web Copy – November 2013 because the skin can be in contact when the hair follicle is being treated and may cause scarring or blistering. You can eliminate these risks by choosing a trusted, specialized clinic with experienced practitioners.

The Light Touch Laser Clinic is Canada’s largest and best recognized clinic for medical spa and laser treatments for over 10 years. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by Soprano Lasers. They know the best setting and approach to deliver optimal results. You can expect faster treatment and great hair coverage (no missed spots or patches) with our laser hair removal treatment in Waterloo.

Our locations at Mississauga, Oakville and the latest one in Waterloo are world-class facilities with an expert team of health practitioners who have treated over 85,000 clients. Our Waterloo laser hair removal clinic has advanced technology and treatment options available to treat you with the care and attention you deserve. You can be sure to get the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatment at our clinic.


What You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective ways to reduce or eliminate unwanted hair. Whether you’re looking to simply reduce the amount of hair growth, or completely eliminate it, diode laser hair removal using The Soprano™ by Alma Lasers is a highly effective option. LightTouch Med Spa™ in Waterloo offers pain-free diode laser hair removal using The Soprano ICE™ to ensure satisfaction, comfort, and ease for our clients. Here are a few things you should know before you embark on the journey of reducing or eliminating unwanted hair.


#1 It can take up to eight treatments to eliminate unwanted hair.

Most people want overnight results, and while we live in a time where people often expect instant gratification, this is a process that takes time. However, we believe that it is worth the wait, as it is a long-term solution that is safe as opposed to overnight treatments that require the use of chemicals to eliminate unwanted hair.


#2 You should refrain from going in the sun before and after laser hair removal treatments

In order to maintain the health of your skin, we highly recommend avoiding direct exposure in the areas you’re having treated. We also recommend waiting to start treatments if you have a deep tan. With that being said, our laser hair removal treatments are highly effective for individuals with naturally dark skin. We simply advise against having treatments if you’ve been in the sun, in order to protect your skin.


#3 Only highly trained and experienced professionals should be providing your treatments

Often we have individuals inquiring about purchasing laser technology. The technology that we use is very advanced and should not be used by an untrained person without professional qualifications. Laser technology has the capacity to burn individuals, which is why we always recommend booking your treatment with one of our highly educated staff members. We pride ourselves on our team of professionals who have extensive training and education on how to properly use the technology that we have in our facilities.


#4 If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we cannot treat you!

For the safety of your baby, we cannot treat you if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although laser hair removal is one of the safest cosmetic treatments available, studies have not been conducted in order to prove whether or not it is safe for an unborn baby. Scientists and doctors do not want to put unborn babies and mothers at risk, and for that reason, we cannot treat you until postpartum. We recommend waiting until after you’ve finished breastfeeding for the same reason. If you find out that you’re pregnant after you’ve purchased your laser hair removal package in Waterloo, there is no need to worry! Your treatments will be waiting for you when you’re ready to return.


#5 You need to shave before you come in for your laser hair removal treatments

Many people call in asking us if they need to shave the area being treated before they come in. The short answer is, yes! We do provide shaving services, but we charge a fee. For more information, book a free consultation.

If you’d like to know more about laser hair removal in Waterloo, feel free to book a free consultation by clicking here or by calling our toll-free line at: 1-888-954-2667.

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