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Pain Free Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Spa RF™ Pain Free Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

Treatment FAQ’s | What Patients Say | Before and After

The Comfortable Way to Contour your Body and Tighten Your Skin

Lose Inches Without Diet, Exercise or Surgery!!

Spa RF™ Pain Free Body Contouring and Skin Tightening

The Spa RF™ with IN-Motion™ Technology is Slimming made Simple. Now there’s a revolutionary new way to lose inches-without diet, exercise or surgery. It’s called Spa RF. Spa RF is an incredible technological breakthrough that uses advanced heat energy to treat cellulite, reshape and contour the body.

Spa RF uses Radiofrequency (RF) energy, which has been used safely in medical settings for decades. Spa RF takes traditional RF one step further to produce very consistent results with it’s superior technology. A few virtually painless sessions will surprise and delight you with your new, sculpted shape.


Who It’s For

Spa RF treatments are safe for all ages and skin types. Anyone can benefit from Spa RF treatments no matter what their age, skin type or colour. In fact the Spa RF is for anyone who seeks:

  • Cellulite Improvement
  • Body contouring
  • Body reshaping
  • Body skin tightening
  • Slimmer hips and thighs

What Areas can be treated?

The treatments are effective for almost any body part, including legs, arms, thighs, backs, stomachs, hands, face or neck.

What You Can Expect

A typical treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes (The actual time depends mainly on the size of the area you are having treated). The majority of the time is spent receiving the actual Spa RF treatment. If you are doing body contouring, the last fifteen minutes will be spent in the waste purging process using the a ProEllixe vibrational cleansing session. The ProEllixe used this way helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to process melted fat.

You can expect to see results quite quickly from a series of these relatively short sessions. Many clients notice visible results after just one session.A trained doctor, nurse or laser technician performs each treatment and you are free to return to normal activities immediately after each session although you will be asked to drink lot’s of water well before and for several days after each treatment.

Because of the IN-Motion technology, treatment sessions can be virtually pain-free. Other benefits include:

  • Complete coverage with no missed spots
  • Fast treatment times
  • Few side effects
  • Return to normal activities immediately (no recovery or “down time”)
  • Safe for all skin types, including tanned skin

The Spa RF’s IN-Motion™ is the gold standard for RF treatments.


How It’s Different

The Spa RF’s IN-Motion™ technology breaks the mold of previous laser contouring systems. The system’s unique IN-Motion™ technology, along with the sweeping motion of the laser, safely and gently heats the targeted area under your skin while you stay comfortable.

Virtually pain-free

Most people find treatments with the Spa RF very comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients often describe the sensation as soothing as a “hot stone massage.”

How it works

The Spa RF is a breakthrough, high end technology that gradually heats the layers of the skin to tighten and re-contour collagen and connective tissue both on the surface and deep within the skin. Collagen is what gives your skin that smooth, youthful look.

Before treatment: Collagen fibers are scattered with excess fluid and fat cells.Before treatment
During treatment: Deep heat is applied through the handpiece with a sweeping motion.During treatment
After treatment: Collagen fibers contract and multiply for a firmer, tighter appearance. Circulation improves; retained fluids and excess fat drains from tissues to reduce overall volume.After treatment

A closer look: Collagen reorganization

Collagen reorganization before treatmentCollagen reorganization after treatment
Pre-Treatment: Ultrasound image of patients buttocks prior to treatment with Spa RF. Notice that the collagen fibers are spread apart and not well organized.Post-Treatment: 15 days after 5th bi-weekly treatment. The deep fat layer has shrunk. Collagen fibers have reconnected and moved closer to the surface.


Treatment FAQ’s

Any medical laser procedure can be a bit intimidating at first. Learn more about Spa RF Body Contouring and Skin Tightening™ here, so you’ll feel completely comfortable with the procedure.

Is it safe?

Yes. The Spa RF is safe for clients of all ages and skin types and builds on research involving thousands of patients worldwide. The Spa RF is also cleared by the FDA.

How many treatments will I need?

There are a number of factors that can affect the success of a series of RF Contouring and Skin Tightening treatments, but generally, after each treatment, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in the size and/or surface of the treatment area. Typically, 4 – 6 treatments produce very good results

Can I repeat treatments periodically?

Yes. Treatments can be repeated as needed throughout your life. In fact regular maintainance will help you to maintain an excellent appearance.

Do I need to plan for time off, for the treatments?

No. These RF treatments requires no “down time” or recovery time. You can have a treatment and return to work or school immediately.

How do I know it won’t hurt?

Most people find Spa RF treatments very comfortable. While pain tolerance is subjective, many patients often describe the sensation as soothing as a “hot stone massage.” If you find it otherwise, talk with your doctor or laser technician.

How much does it cost?

Spa RF treatment costs vary by location, market conditions and time of year. Please schedule an appointment at our office and ask for a quotation. We want you as a customer and offer competive rates and strive for treatment excellence.


What Patients Say

“The treatments were so relaxing; it actually felt like I was getting a massage. I went for a few treatments and the difference is so noticable. I’m getting back into jeans I haven’t worn since I my oldest child was born, and it feels great to be slimmer.”

Elizabeth van Buren

” I went for a few treatments and the effect was immediately apparent. I was able to fit into jeans I hadn’t worn since before my first child was born. I simply looked and felt like hadn’t looked for years and I felt great. ”

Clair King Lasman

” The treament was so relaxing I felt like I was having a massage. And after a few sessions I couldn’t believe it. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn’t just see cellulite. I would really recommend it to anyone who felt like I felt about my thighs. ”

Lisa Blum


Before and After Photo Gallery

Skin Tightening – Face

Skin Tightening Face beforeSkin Tightening Face after

Spa RF – Body – Rear 1

Spa RF Body Rear beforeSpa RF Body Rear after

Spa RF – Body – Back

Spa RF Body Back beforeSpa RF Body Back after

Spa RF – Body – Rear 2

Spa RF Body Rear beforeSpa RF Body Rear after