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PPx Hair Removal

PPx Therapy is an aesthetic treatment that uses a revolutionary combination of pneumatic energy and broadband light. PPx treatments are clinically proven effective and safe treatments for the removal of unwanted hair.

LightTouch offers a Lifetime Guarantee package with PPx Hair Removal, with a available convenient monthly payment plans. Contact us today to book your risk-free consultation.

How does it work?

You will feel a gentle and warm sensation as your skin is drawn into the treatment tip. A very gentle light energy will be applied to the treatment area, immediately after which you will feel your skin being gently released back into position. The process is repeated until the treatment area is covered.

PPx gently pulls the treatment area into the tip to focus the energy

How long does it take?
Sessions with PPx take anywhere from three to twenty minutes depending on the surface requiring treatment.

Does it hurt?
PPx therapy is the first to effectively combine pneumatic energy (pressure) with therapeutic light. that differs from other laser and light based treatments that is 5x more efficient in the delivery of energy to unwanted hair.This highly efficient delivery of energy allows PPx therapy to use a fraction of the energy that other treatments require, making treatments very gentle. PPx therapy is painless because energy is concentrated in hair to be destroyed, protecting the surrounding normal tissue.

What can I expect?
In a recent clinical study, 100% of patients reported no pain during treatment. Treatment sensation was most commonly described as being similar to that of a warm massage.