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PRP Facial

PRP Facial

PRP Facial

In the past few years PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, treatments have begun to garner worldwide attention, achieving great success in the cosmetic industry and amassing a following due to their versatile and restorative effects. PRP facials have come to the forefront of medical spas and clinics across the nation, and are now available here at LightTouch Med Spa. Those in Waterloo interested in obtaining a PRP facial should continue to read through this post to learn how this treatment can tighten, smooth, and improve your skin all in one session!

Treatment Preparation

To receive PRP treatments, you must first have a vial of your blood taken from your body by one of our highly trained practitioners. A small amount of blood is all that is required, as this vial will be placed in a machine called a centrifuge which will concentrate your blood’s plasma for use. This machine rapidly spins around, causing a centrifugal force which separates the different densities of your blood. White blood cells are forced apart from this platelet-rich plasma by the end of the centrifuge cycle, highly concentrating the platelets to be used in your facial.

Healing Properties

This concentrated plasma, full of protein-heavy molecules, is what is needed to help revitalize the tissue and jumpstart the body’s healing properties. Once collected, this plasma is injected back into the facial region of the patient to promote collagen production and improve elasticity, resulting in healthier and younger looking skin.

Cosmetic Uses

As platelet-rich plasma stimulates the healing process in our bodies, as well as collagen production, making these facials highly beneficial in treating an array of skin conditions and ailments. These include, but are not limited to, eliminating dark under-eye circles and puffiness, reducing scarring obtained from surgery and/or acne, as well as rejuvenating facial skin, treating hyperpigmentation, and even stimulating new hair growth!


LightTouch advises patients to receive at least three treatments of PRP injections to see overall improvements to the skin. As the facial includes needle injections to the soft and sensitive skin on the face, our facility offers the use of numbing agents to offset the pain. These treatments do not introduce any foreign bodies into your system, only naturally occurring substances, so the downtime for such therapies is minimal.

Contact Us

To learn more about PRP facial treatments- the benefits, procedure, aftercare, and results- we extend a free consultation to all potential clients to learn everything they need to know before signing up.

Waterloo residents interested in obtaining a more youthful appearance this spring should contact us at LightTouch Med Spa. Click here to schedule your free consultation with our facility, and receive professional, friendly, and quality care today!




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