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PRP For Hair Loss

PRP For Hair Loss

PRP For Hair Loss

Has your widow’s peak deepened, hair continues to thin, or does that one bald spot on the back of your head keep expanding? If so, then you could benefit from platelet-rich plasma treatments, commonly known as PRP. PRP treatments are great for hair loss, as the restorative properties of the platelet-rich plasma can stimulate new hair growth in the follicles, treating hair loss, thinning hair, and receding hairlines. For this reason, it has quickly become the go-to treatment solution in the cosmetic industry for those with hair loss. At LightTouch Med Spa and our Markham facility, we provide professional PRP treatments for those seeking a solution to their hair loss problem. Please read on to learn more about this innovative method and how it can help you!

Versatile Healing Properties

Platelet-rich plasma comes from the individual patient’s blood. It is a concentrated amount of platelets in a limited volume of plasma, which has been produced through the use of a centrifuge machine that separates the different components of blood for treatment application. Platelets contain growth factors that aid in repairing a wide range of injuries and diseases in both the body’s soft and hard tissue, stimulating the healing process throughout the body. It is these restorative properties that aid in the regrowth of hair when PRP is injected into the scalp. This treatment works on both men and women and has been shown to provide effective results in a wide range of cases.

A Natural Process

As platelet-rich plasma is a highly concentrated form of blood, which originates from the patients themselves, this treatment offers a natural way of stimulating hair growth. No foreign bodies or substances are introduced to your system, so it is a safe and natural alternative to more invasive procedures.

Minimal Discomfort

By obtaining this form of non-surgical hair therapy, there is little discomfort attached to the treatment. Injections are applied across the scalp, so a small prick of the needle may be all you feel. One of the most significant benefits of this method of hair stimulation, over other treatment types, is the fact that there is minimal discomfort associated with it, producing less swelling, bruising, and bleeding overall.

Almost No Downtime

As PRP injections are a non-surgical form of treatment with little invasiveness, the downtime needed to recover is minimal. Patients can return to their daily routine almost immediately after application. However, our practitioners will go over the required aftercare to make sure your scalp stays in good shape after the injections have been administered.

Combining Treatment Types

PRP therapy for hair loss can be safely paired with other forms of treatments to gain the best results overall. Topical treatments such as Regain and Alpecin, and oral medications like Finasteride, can be used in conjunction with PRP. For optimal results, if you are so inclined to undergo surgery, then platelet-rich plasma is a great way to help transplant procedures take hold quicker and promote healing and new growth faster.

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To learn more about the healing properties of PRP and how platelet-rich plasma can treat hair loss in Markham residents and beyond, then schedule a free consultation here at t LightTouch Med Spa today. Click here to find our contact information and get the PRP process underway today!


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