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Remove Sun Damage with Laser & Injectable Treatments

Remove Sun Damage with Laser & Injectable Treatments

Remove Sun Damage with Laser & Injectable Treatments

Leading a health-conscious, active lifestyle often leads to spending a significant amount of time outdoors. When we spend a great deal of time outside, our skin is subject to excessive sun exposure, causing sun damage. Over time, sun damage can lead to hyperpigmentation. Sun damage can look different for many individuals based on each unique skin type. We use advanced technology to reverse symptoms of sun damage such as brown pigmentation, spider veins, and Rosacea. For more information on preventing and reversing sun damage, read below and book a free consultation by clicking here.


Treating Sun Damage with Laser Technology

If you have sun damage, consider booking a treatment at LightTouch Med Spa in Markham. We carry state of the art laser technology by Alma Lasers, which means that you are sure to see great results. We use the Harmony XL Pro by Alma Lasers to correct discolouration of the skin caused by sun damage. Markham residents can rest assured as we offer pain-free effective treatments, and our medical aestheticians can adjust the energy levels of the Harmony XL Pro according to your needs and comfort level. Clinically proven in extensive studies, the Harmony XL Pro is a safe solution for eliminating pigmentation and lesions.

PRP Treatments for Sun Damage

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, also commonly known as the Vampire Facial, are a natural method of skin rejuvenation and treating sun damage. Many individuals have been visiting us for PRP treatments for years, as we are a leading provider of platelet rich plasma therapy. PRP is beneficial for those looking to rejuvenate the skin and eliminate skin pigmentation caused by excessive sun exposure. This treatment entails our nurse injector drawing one vial of your blood, and placing it in a centrifuge so that it can undergo a spin process for approximately 20 minutes. This spin process causes the white blood cells to separate from the red blood cells and plasma. Our nurse then takes the remaining plasma and white blood cells and injects them into the area being treated, as white blood cells are our bodies’ healing agents.

Preventing Sun Damage

LightTouch Med Spa offers a variety of noninvasive treatments to reduce and eliminate sun damage. With that being said, we are passionate about education and the wellness of our clients, which is why we wanted to offer some sage advice to prevent sun damage. These are simple ways to prevent skin pigmentation and other various forms of sun damage that really make a difference:

  • Avoid late afternoon sun
  • Wear sunscreen regularly
  • Cover up with hats and beach wraps
  • Minimize time spent in direct sunlight
  • Avoid tanning
  • Use good quality moisturizers
  • See Vivier Sun Protect line by clicking here
  • Order Vivier Skin Care products by clicking here

For more information on pricing, treatment options, and a complimentary skin analysis, book a free consultation with one of our medical aestheticians today. Click here to book your consultation. We look forward to helping you find the best solutions for skin rejuvenation and improving your skin health.

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