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What You Need To Know About Restylane®

Restylane® is an injectable filler made of Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a substance that naturally occurs in the body that attracts and binds water molecules, creating volume beneath the dermis. When Restylane® is injected into the body, the results add content and restore the skin, in turn smoothing out any contour lines and creating a more youthful appearance.

Restylane® is available at all four LightTouch Med Spa locations: in Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo, and Milton. Our clients have been receiving Restylane® treatments from our Nurse Practitioners for many years, and they have full confidence knowing that our Practitioners have years of experience and training and participate in ongoing education.

*Results may vary*


Before Treatment

During a complimentary consultation, our Nurse will review your chart with you and confirm your skincare and beauty goals. Then, she will discuss the risks associated with this type of treatment, as stated on your consent forms, and you then have the opportunity to discuss any further concerns you may have. Our Nurse will help you determine whether this is an appropriate treatment for you according to your health background and skincare goals.


During Treatment

Our Nurse will cleanse the injection site and offer you a numbing agent to reduce any discomfort you may otherwise experience. Mild discomfort may be experienced, but overall it is not a painful process. (The sensation is comparable to receiving the flu shot). The required number of Restylane® units for your individual treatment will be administered through a cannula needle into the injection site. Our Nurse will then smooth out the Restylane® once it has been injected below the dermis, to ensure that it has been properly placed into the correct areas.


After Treatment

After the treatment is concluded, you may experience slight tenderness, temporary redness, swelling, and in 10 percent of cases, slight bruising. These symptoms are usually mild, and ice packs help to relieve swelling and discomfort. Our Nurse offers complimentary follow-up appointments so that you can discuss your results to ensure your satisfaction.


Before After 1 month*

Age: 53 years Areas treated: cheeks, smile lines, lips

*Results may vary*




What are the benefits of Restylane® treatments?

Restylane® offers a wide range of benefits, including a more youthful appearance, fuller lips, and enhancing volume under the eyes if hollows have developed.


What is Restylane® for?

Restylane® can be used to fill minor to moderate lines and wrinkles, and is especially effective around the eyes, nose, and mouth. When used as a lip enhancement, it can lend volume and definition to the lips, producing a more pronounced pout.


Is Restylane® safe?

Restylane® has been approved by Health Canada.


How do I know where I need dermal fillers and how much is the right amount?

We highly recommend booking a free consultation with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss the type of look you would like to achieve. We suggest discussing this with our Nurse in person, as everyone has unique skincare goals, and some individuals prefer a more natural look, while others prefer a more voluminous or pronounced pout, which often requires more than ½ a vial of Restylane®.


What can I expect during my treatment appointment?

Together, you and our Nurse Practitioner will review your skincare and beauty goals and determine if Restylane® is the right choice for you. You will have an opportunity speak with our Nurse Practitioners who is treating you to discuss any questions and concerns you may have before moving forward with your treatment. All of our consultations are confidential and are conducted in any of our five clinics.


Is Restylane® safe for those with allergies to animals?

Restylane® does not cause complications for those with allergies to animals, and it tends to be a more comfortable alternative to fillers made with animal tissues.


How long does Restylane® last?

Typically, the results last from six months up to one year.

Are there side effects?

Restylane® is one of the safest dermal fillers on the market. With that being said, few clients do experience minor bruising and swelling that can last between one and four days after their treatment.


Why do you use cannula needles?

Our Nurse Injectors use Cannula needles to administer Restylane® in order to minimize bruising and swelling after treatment. Cannula needles are preferred over sharp tipped needles, as often, sharp tipped needles result in more discomfort during treatments and bruising after treatment.


Can I receive dermal fillers if I am having other treatments done?

Some treatments are contraindications to dermal filler treatments. Depending on the nature of other treatments you are receiving, we may not recommend Restylane® or other dermal fillers at this time. Please discuss any other treatments or medications you are receiving during your consultation with our Nurse Practitioner.


Book A Complimentary Consultation At LightTouch Med Spa!

To discuss pricing and other information about Restylane® and other dermal fillers offered at LightTouch Med Spa, book a free consultation at any of our five locations today. We are located in Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, and Waterloo.


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