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Spider Vein Treatment in Orlando

spider vein treatment orlando

Spider Vein Treatment in Orlando

spider vein treatment orlando

Spider Vein Treatment Orlando

Spider veins are the most surface-level veins that you may see peeking out from beneath the top layer of your skin. While they may only sometimes cause physical problems, they can make you feel very self-conscious and can certainly cause plenty of very real cosmetic and emotional problems. Thankfully, there is no longer any reason why you must continue to live with them because LightTouch Med Spa in Orlando has several options for treating them permanently and effectively. Schedule a Spider Vein Treatment at our Medical Spa in Orlando, Florida, today! With laser technology provided by the Harmony XL Laser by Alma, our nurse practitioners are able to administer the highest quality painless laser treatments.

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What are spider veins?

Spider veins and varicose veins appear on the legs as discolored or swollen veins. Although they occur more often in women, anyone can get them. Some things, like pregnancy, obesity, and smoking can also increase the risk of developing spider veins. Spider and varicose veins are similar, but they aren’t quite the same. Varicose veins bulge out, because the valves don’t work to keep blood flowing as it should. Spider veins lay flat against the skin and tend to be smaller. Varicose veins often have a bluish color, while spider veins might look red or purple. Many times, these veins won’t hurt or cause any serious medical issues. However, they still can be unsightly, and many people would rather have them disappear. If they’re painful, you’ll want to get rid of them even faster.

Some of the reasons why you will love Spider Vein Treatment!

If you are looking for some of the benefits of Spider Vein Treatment at LightTouch Med Spa, we have listed some below:


Reduced pain:

If your varicose veins cause you pain, you’ll love the chance to be free from the discomfort. Your nurse practitioner will work to find all the problem veins, not just the ones visible from the surface, and get rid of them for good.


Less swelling:

Spider Vein Treatment can also get rid of the swelling caused by the faulty veins. When your vein’s valves get too loose, they swell up and might stick out from the skin. The swelling can even extend to the tissue around the vein. Treatment will get rid of this unsightly problem.


Improved appearance of the legs:

In addition to the swelling, many people dislike the look of discolored veins on the skin. You might find yourself wearing long pants all year round, or wearing makeup to cover up the problem. Getting rid of discolored veins will give you back the confidence you need to bare your legs.

LightTouch Med Spa in Orlando, Florida is proud to offer high-end Laser Vein Treatments. With laser technology and experienced nurse practitioners on your side, you can have your spider veins cleared up in no time! For more information about Spider Vein Treatment, please continue to browse through our website. Also while on our website, check out our Canadian locations in Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Waterloo, and Markham, Ontario.


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