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Soprano®XL Hair Removal: ” Light Touch Laser Clinic was fast, courteous and professional in helping me with my laser hair removal.. will recommend to anybody. The new machines they are using are incredible. ”
Chris, Toronto

Accent® Laser Contouring: ” I’ve lost 4 inches around my waist without dieting. Oh my God, I can finally fit back into my favorite little black dress! ”

Soprano®XL Hair Removal: ” Wow….I shopped around for price and services, and not only was your company the best price but it really worked! I’ve had three compliments on the treatments so far, and the hair under my arms is almost completely gone. Tried before without good results and so am thrilled that your lasers actually work and that it was so painless! ”

Soprano®XL Hair Removal: ” I’m a shopper, and it took time and effort to finally decide. Thanks for answering all my calls and emails. I wasn’t disappointed. After just one treatment, the hair has pretty much stopped growing. My friend has had about half a dozen treatments here in Barrie and I can’t see much of a difference. ”

Harmony® Laser Skin Rejuvenation: ” I had my first laser skin treatment on my face two weeks ago. It was amazing. Most of my brown spots are gone and I don’t miss them. Not at all. Thanks so much! ”

Soprano®XL Hair Removal: ” I have really coarse hair and it’s dark! Even when I shaved it still showed! It was totally worth the commute. And thank you for making the experience such an enjoyable one. You rock! ”

Soprano®XL Hair Removal: ” I waited almost two years before deciding to have laser hair removal, I wish I had have done it years before. I can go swimming or wear anything, anytime, without worrying about shaving. Wahoo! ”

Harmony® Laser Skin Rejuvenation: ” When I first started my acne was so bad, I came in wearing a hood and hiding my face with my bangs. Now my acne is almost clear and I hold my head up and enjoy my new face. I swear I’ll even smile soon (once my braces come off;). ”

Harmony® Laser Skin Rejuvenation: ” Your skin tightening treatments have reduced the age of my face by 10 years. My girlfriend says I look hot! ”

Accent® Laser Contouring: ” Two years after the birth of our second child, I’d pretty much thought I’d never have a waistline again. Thanks. ”

Accent® Laser Contouring: ” -After losing 40 pounds this summer, my skin was loose and saggy. All that effort and I felt old. Thank goodness I found you. My skin is very much improved and I feel I look years younger. Thanks. ”

Elos Hair Removal: ” I’ve only had five hair removal treatments, and I’ve noticed a great reduction in hair growth! ”
Trevor N.

Elos Hair Removal: “I am thankful for the Lifetime Guarantee for the laser hair removal…because I have some red pigment in my hair it is stubborn to treat, however I am seeing a great deal of reduction”
Carmen A.

PPx Hair Removal: “I have had great, painless hair removal treatments with the PPx system. The Lifetime Guarantee allows me to continue treatment with no extra costs.”
Aseefa K.

Elos Skin Rejuvenation: “The sun damage (brown spots) on my face have completely vanished in only 5 treatments…I am thankful for the elos photo facial.”
Kathy C.

ProEllixe: “While using the ProEllixe, it really helped take off inches. After using it for 3 weeks I lost 1 inch on my neck and several inches around my hips and waist. After having another baby, I am thrilled to be back at it!”

ProEllixe: “I have been using the ProEllixe for approximately 1 month. Since I am not a person that exercises regularly, this machine was the best thing since sliced bread for me! I notice that my midsection rolls are dissapearing and my butt is tightening… I feel more invigorated.”
Diane D.

ProEllixe: “Sounds too good to be true. After trying the program and only on the second session, I knew that this machine works to what it claims, because being an ex-runner, I totally felt the blood circulation and tingly feeling. Talk about your abs contracting!! I’m hooked.”
Elvira R.

ProEllixe: “I’ve noticed more energy and some evening out of the muscles on either side of my body. Normally my dominant side was stronger (larger measurements) Now I’m even! Treat!”
Christy H.

ProEllixe: “I had Issues with my menstrual cycle and haven’t had one in over a year. I found that doctors kept prescribing me hormone medication that I was uncomfortable with and experienced side effects. Since my free 3 day trial with the Proellixe system not only does my body feel great but my menstrual issues are being fixed… I just had to sign up!”