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Laser Hair Removal Oakville


Laser Hair Removal Oakville

Oakville Laser Hair Removal


Welcome to our Light Touch Laser Clinic in Oakville…

Laser Hair Removal in Oakville led us to opening in August of 2010 our Light Touch Medical Spa on 90 Reynolds Street in Oakville. This is conveniently located just south of Lakeshore Road East and one block east of Trafalgar Road. This location was our third to open and we chose this spot because we were looking for a location to conveniently service our many clients from west of the GTA from as far as St Catharines.

When we opened this laser hair removal Oakville location, it was interesting to see the difference in our clients’ needs compared to the needs of our clients at our laser hair removal Mississauga and Etobicoke locations. The largest concern for our original two locations was unwanted hair but our new clients in Oakville and west had a different concern.

Before & After:

stomach_1 back_2

We found that the new customers that ventured to our Oakville open house, although they were interested in laser hair removal, tattoo removal and sun damage reduction, their biggest question was “How can I tighten my loose jowls and turkey neck?” When our customers voiced their concerns it was easy for us to respond for Light Touch Medical Spa offers many solutions to tighten loose hanging skin.

The easiest and most economical first step that we recommend to regaining your tight, toned, and taught skin is to use a good cosmeceutical skincare line. Cosmeceutical homecare lines combine the cosmetic benefits of skincare like nourishment and protection, with biologically active ingredients that have medical or drug-like benefits. These skincare lines are super charged and super powered and can actually turn back the clock of your skin cells and replace old worn out cells with new youthful cells. For best results chose cosmeceutical skincare lines with scientific- fact based peptides such as Matrixyl 3000 and argireline. Using a good skincare line consistently is as important to your face as brushing your teeth is for dental hygiene and oral health. A little bit of effort every day goes a long way down the road.

Our Oakville clients although interested in laser hair removal also show great interest in getting glycolic peels and hydrafacials. These two treatments dramatically shrink pores immediately following your treatment up to 75% but more importantly are safe and gentle ways to resurface dull, lifeless skin.


Why is resurfacing important?

For clients looking to tighten jowls and turkey neck, resurfacing is the best second step. Resurfacing is like changing the sheets on your bed. Resurfacing creates clear, flawless skin and when old cells are released; new cells are forced to grow in their place. And what is the importance of new cells to the firmness of skin? New skin cells are chocked full of collagen and elastin, which is what makes youthful skin firm.

Our Oakville clients see great improvements to their thin and saggy skin concerns first by switching to a great skincare line followed by getting safe, gentle, effective resurfacing treatments such as hydrafacials and chemical peels. However for some customers with extremely saggy or aged skin, these two solutions can provide a noticeable difference but left them wanting more.

What was the solution for these customers looking for a more dramatic firming result?

Accent radiofrequency treatments with the Alma laser. During Accent treatments we precisely heat the skin’s inner layer called the dermis while cooling the outer layer to create a comfortable tightening treatment with no downtime. Our laser hair removal Oakville clientele have made this radiofrequency procedure our most popular treatment offered in Oakville Light Touch Medical Spa currently just from word of mouth due to the visible firming results seen over and over again in 4-5 months following the treatment once the collagen has had time to rebuild itself.

So if your anti-aging concern is like that of most of our clients from Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, and St Catharines area then come in to learn from our highly trained medical aesthetic professionals can tighten jowls and make turkey neck a thing of the past. If you’re also interested in laser hair removal, our Oakville location will also be able to suite your needs. Remove that unwanted hair today by calling the new laser hair removal Oakville location!

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