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Juvederm Mississauga

Juvederm Mississauga

The Secret to a Refreshed New Look for You

When you want everyone around you to notice how much happier and younger you look, you can use Juvederm, a trusted facial filler, to remove years from your appearance! It’s the Number 1 recommended facial filler in Canada and globally by doctors who know how to help you kiss facial lines goodbye. Juvederm refreshes your appearance, removes and diminishes unwanted wrinkles, and will bring back your natural youthful look that increases your self confidence. Lasting from one to two years, Juvederm is an excellent value for your investment in a refreshing new you. When you want to see results immediately, Juvederm is your secret to making a youthful impression on everyone around you.

What should you know about Juvederm?

  • Juvederm is an exceptionally safe way to replace the hyaluronic acid (HA) that is removed from your skin by aging and sunlight which create wrinkles and folds that add years to your facial features. Using Juvederm brings back volume and replaces the HA that replenishes elasticity, structure, and smoothness. For your own peace of mind, request a free consultation so that you can learn more about this exciting solution for your tired look.
  • Your doctor will determine how much Juvederm that you need per treatment but on average you will receive from one to two syringes of Juvederm to refresh and replenish your youthful look. Each treatment will be designed specifically for your individual needs.
  • Your Juvederm treatments will last about one year which makes it a much more attractive dermal filler than many others provided today. Since HA occurs naturally in your body, it’s a safe way to remove wrinkles and folds that make you look old and tired. Your body will naturally absorb the Hyaluronic Acid and dissolve into the tissues of your body. As with all beauty treatments, you should ask questions and make sure that Juvederm will meet your personal needs before you schedule a treatment.
  • Together with your nurse or doctor, you should create a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals for skin care. A unique plan will help your Juvederm treatment meet your expectations more successfully.
  • Your doctor will instruct you prior to your treatment to avoid medications that prolong bleeding for up to two days before your appointment. You should avoid aspirin and alcoholic beverages and ask if you need to refrain from any other routines before your treatment. Your procedure will last about thirty minutes.
  • After the treatment is concluded you may feel some tenderness, see temporary redness or swelling where the injection was administered. These symptoms are mild and usually disappear in less than seven days. Ice packs help to relieve any discomfort that you might experience.