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Dysport® Services

Dysport® injections are available at our three locations and injections can be provided by either our female or male nurse.  Both staff are highly skilled injectors who specialize in cosmetic injections and non surgical procedures.  If you’re looking for seasoned professionals who’ve been injecting for many years, you’ve come to the right place.

Dysport® is used in our clinics to assist clients in looking younger, more refreshed than their actual age can reveal.  The  latest techniques are used by our cosmetic injection team and you can be assured you’re in the care of professionals who care about you and will address your skin care goals and concerns.

A common misconception is that Dysport® actually paralyzes the muscles in the face.  Though, this can happen with high amounts of Dysport®, our team of professionals strive to inject just the right amount that allows you to have some limited activity but not so much that you have over activity of the areas. Clients should be aware that Dysport® is not used to keep you from expressing yourself but simply to keep you from making facial grimaces and frowns that have become habits and are unintended. When cosmetic injections are done correctly, most people will not notice that a Dysport® procedure has been performed but simply that you look more rested and/or happier.

Dysport® has many uses both cosmetic and medical and your cosmetic injectors will  consult with you to best map out a plan to rejuvenate or correct your issues with your questions and concerns addressed in full.

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*Results may vary*

*Results may vary*


*Results may vary*