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Acne Treatment Mississauga

Acne treatment Mississauga Services

Non-inflammatory acne.

Acne though a common skin condition around the world, is more than just a few pimples and has an emotional impact. In its mild form, acne may be a minor annoyance that makes you uncomfortable, but in severe cases, acne can make you feel unattractive, isolated and depressed. The presence of various types of pimples on the skin is a common occurrence for people suffering from acne.
The medical name for common acne is acne vulgaris. The condition is identifiable with the presence of various types of pimples on the skin, the common ones being blackheads and whiteheads. The most common areas of the body affected by acne breakouts are the face, shoulders, chest, and the back.

So how is acne caused?

Contrary to notions that you may have heard, acne is not caused by neglecting to wash your face thoroughly nor sleeping on dirty pillows. Genetics and hormones are the primary causative agents. The rate at which we produce sebaceous oil glands that are attached to the pores is affected by our hormonal balance. At puberty, and in times of emotional stress, the release of androgen hormone can be the main triggering event.

The process of acne formation

Acne begins with the clogging of your pores as a result of greater oil production by your sebaceous gland. The oil is then trapped behind the plug and continues building pressure inside the pore. Due to increased supply of oil, the Acne P bacteria that grows naturally on your skin begins to feed and breed. On digesting the oils, the bacteria releases inflammatory by-products that leak. When the by-products leak out of the follicle, the immune system recognizes these products as foreign and reacts by sending the white blood cells to combat the infection causing swelling, redness and inflammation. The result is a bump, which we refer to as a pimple.
Mild acne can be treated using medicine from the counter. Severe acne, on the other hand, requires the intervention of a dermatologist. Light Touch Med Spa Clinic is the ideal place for treatment and advice on all aspects of your acne. Our experienced dermatologists and skin care experts will examine and identify the stage of your acne. They will provide the appropriate treatment for your acne whether mild, moderate or severe. Our acne specialists are dedicated and passionate about controlling and improving the symptoms of acne. The physician/skin care specialist may combine treatments to get the best results while avoiding the development of resistant bacteria.