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Hair Extensions

 Hair Extensions in Mississauga, Waterloo, And Oakvillehair extension services best hair extensions

When you don’t have time to wait for your hair to grow and more volume to give you the luxurious look that you want for your next event whether it is in Waterloo, Mississauga, or Oakville consider picking a hair extension that can provide you with immediate results. You may want to consult the professionals at Light Touch Med Spa to learn some of the basic information that will help you to make the right choice for your personal needs. There are some tips that you can follow to find the right hair extensions that work well for you and that give you the beautiful luster that you want your hair to have.

What type of hair is best in extensions?

If you’re looking for hair extensions in Waterloo, Mississauga, or Oakville consider discussing with the experts at Light Touch Med Spa whether they would recommend synthetic or human hair for your extensions. Ask which type will last longer thus giving you more value for your money. You should also ask about how to take care of your extensions which includes shampooing, using a blow dryer, and if you can curl your extensions with a curling iron. Knowing the type of extensions that will give you the best service and a natural look should be the first question that you ask.

How will your extension be woven into your hair?

For a more natural look your extensions should be situated close to your head but not near your hairline so that your extensions will look just like your real hair. Extensions must be applied in the most natural direction of your hair so that they can flow with the real strands of hair that you have. When extensions are applied, your real hair should be protected so be sure to ask about the heat and tools that will be used for the application process.

Make sure that your extensions match the color of your real hair.

One of the most common mistakes made by people using hair extensions is choosing the wrong color. The Light Touch Med Spa will offer a wide array of colors so that you can find the shade that best matches your own color. The use of extensions can add a look of highlights and low-lights without having to undergo chemical treatments on your natural hair.

Ask questions about the proper care for your hair extensions.

When you choose hair extensions of high quality you don’t really have to do a great deal of maintenance that’s different from what you do with your natural hair. Make sure that you regularly brush your hair extensions, put them up at night to avoid tangles and damage, and use only quality hair care products to clean them. And as with your own hair, never go to bed with wet hair.
Hair extensions are a safe and beautiful way to add length and volume to your own hair and to modify the color and overall appearance without having to damage your own hair with harsh, chemical treatments.