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Laser Hair Removal

Treatment FAQ’s | Before and After

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Laser Hair Removal

We offer an effective pain-free approach using the Soprano Laser by Alma.

In the past many people chose not to get laser hair removal because of the high price or the pain associated with the treatments. Thanks to the Soprano by Alma those days are gone. In fact, our clients describe their laser hair removal treatments to feel as comfortable as a hot stone massage!

Through word of mouth from millions of happy customers worldwide, the Soprano Laser has become the most popular technology available for safe, effective laser hair removal for consumers of all ages and skin types. It is the gold-standard of laser hair removal utilizing cutting-edge technology creating a comfortable laser hair removal option.

What makes the Soprano different from other laser hair removal systems?
The biggest difference is the Soprano’s unique IN-Motion™ technology. But what does that mean for the customer you ask? Rather than conventional laser machines that utilize a painful ‘stamping’ technique to deliver the energy to the hair, the Soprano delivers the energy in a constant moving ‘sweeping’ motion of the laser tip, resulting in gentle, comfortable heating of the skin. The Soprano also has the added advantage of a patented DualChill™ mechanism to ensure the patient’s skin stays cool and comfortable during treatments.

Who should get laser hair removal?
We feel everyone that has unwanted hair should!

Imagine freeing yourself from time-consuming shaving or expensive waxing. The Soprano laser reduces hair on all skin types, hair types and most hair colours. The most popular areas to treat are legs, arms, bikini lines, backs, underarms, faces or necks. We have effectively reduced hair even on tanned skin, which in the past had been impossible until the Soprano.

What you can expect?
As soon as after your first laser hair removal treatment you should see a reduction in hair in the area treated. Our technicians are highly trained and certified by Soprano Lasers, therefore know the settings and approach to deliver optimal results in a short time. With the Soprano Laser, compared to other lasers offered in our Canadian marketplace, you can expect faster treatment times and a better coverage of the hair removal.

Treatments range in time depending on the amount of areas being treated and after their treatment customers have no problem returning to work or activities immediately after their appointment with no downtime. However we do recommend that one avoids overheating treated areas for 24 hours by refraining from hot baths, saunas or high intensity work outs.

We service Laser Hair Removal at 5 locations across the GTA in: Mississauga, Oakville, Waterloo, Milton, and Markham.

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Treatment FAQ’s

Is laser hair removal safe?

Our patients’ safety is our number one concern at LightTouch Med Spa. The Soprano laser that we use is FDA and Health Canada approved and has been providing safe and successful permanent hair removal to millions of patients worldwide since 2005.

How many treatments will I need?

Many factors affect the success of your laser hair removal treatments. Although you will see a reduction in hair right from your first treatment, typically 6-8 treatments are needed to have the hair loss be permanent and not temporary. Younger clients typically rejuvenate easier than older clients therefore more treatments may be needed for younger clients.

Will my hair grow back in time?

Once the hair follicle is damaged beyond repair through laser treatments it cannot grow a new hair. However, there are always a few stubborn hair follicles that manage to avoid getting damaged by the laser during treatment and survive. The regrowth from these resilient follicles may be slow or stunted but will need to be retreated for the hair to be gone forever. For this reason 6-8 treatments are typically needed for light skin types but darker skin types typically require 8-10 treatments total.

How much does it cost?

The price of laser hair removal has dropped substantially in the past five years due to supply and demand so getting laser hair removal has never been more affordable than now. We believe that compared to the high prices of a lifetime of paying for razors and waxing, laser hair removal is a worthwhile investment not just in time saved but also in money spent. Because every client’s needs vary we ask that you book a free consultation with us for pricing but we can guarantee it is more affordable than you think.

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Arm laser hair removal


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Armpit laser hair removal


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Upper back laser hair removal


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Lower back laser hair removal


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Bikini laser hair removal


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Stomach laser hair removal


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Chin laser hair removal


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Upper lip laser hair removal


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