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Laser Scar Removal


Laser Scar Removal/Reduction with PIXEL™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser scar removal is becoming one of the most popular treatments for medical spas. Gone are the days of having to live with unsightly scars and it is easier than ever now to dramatically reduce the appearance of your scars whether on your face or body.

Fractional, non-ablative resurfacing treatments are the latest, safest and most popular approach to improving skin complexion and removing acne scars and scars of all types on all areas of the body. At Light Touch Medical Spa we chose the PIXEL™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation system over other machines like the Fraxel or Palomar StarLux because of the Pixel™’s superior results at the best price for the patient.

This non-ablative PIXEL™ Laser Skin Rejuvenation procedure produces gradual improvements to the scar and stimulates collagen remodeling to smooth out the scar’s texture and colour. These PIXEL™ treatments reduce the appearance of scars by 50% to 80%. The course of the treatment usually runs from 3 to 8 sessions with minimal downtime so you can return to your daily routines immediately.

Pixel Process – Skin Resurfacing Treatment

The PIXEL™ is an extremely effective option in the family of laser skin resurfacing and scar removal devices capable of improving a variety of skin conditions without the downtime and discomfort associated with aggressive ablative resurfacing lasers. This FDA-approved treatment offers the best of both worlds to our clients, combining the proven effectiveness of an ablative approach (very aggressive and totally removes the outer layer of your skin) with the comfort level and convenience of a non-ablative approach (only removes tiny columns of skin at a time, leaving surrounding skin untouched).

Before & After Results:


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